Name: Odessa Salvador Illescas

Current Position: Accounting Team Manager, The Outsourced Accountant

MGM & Co helped me gain accounting and audit experience, making me competitive as an employee and a manager. The legwork of accounting and audit reports, tax returns, sleepless tax seasons, field work all over Metro Manila, meetings and consultations with clients, camaraderie amongst fellow employees, supervisors and partners: all these helped me gain competence and confidence as a newbie CPA. I learned independence, professionalism and hard work, which made it easier for me to climb up corporate ladder. I am grateful to have been one of MG Madrid & Co.’s CPAs. May they continue to train young professionals, and become more successful in all endeavors.


Name: Anna Katrina Alano

Current Position: Head of Finance and Accounting, Zanett Commercial Solutions Philippines Inc.

MGM & Co. jumpstarted my accounting, taxation and auditing career. From the moment I joined the company, I dreamt that one day I too would establish a firm as excellent as MGM & Co. This company has inspired and touched many lives, not just businesses. MGM & Co has taught me to hone my skills, and gave me strength and confidence I didn’t know I had. What I have attained today would have been impossible without the guidance and mentorship of MGM & Co. MGM & Co is my family. Wherever I go, I know that there is a place where I will always belong: MGM & Co.